Monday, November 22, 2004


Another reason to vacation in Australia...

The Clockwork Family is seriously considering vacationing in Australia this summer (their winter). This is not because South Carolina has been invaded by fire ants and the "Christian Exodus" is coming, but because we can. Another good reason may be that (remarkably) Stralians are actually fatter than Muricans! Maybe I'll be considered svelte! Maybe koalas can fly!,4057,11450540%5E28102,00.html
I've been appointed chief vacation planner. I've never tried to plan a vacation to visit a continent before. Spain, the U.K., various Caribbean islands, yes, but not a continent. I've realized that every vacation, I've planned is dwarfed by this prospect. I feel like Eisenhower contemplating D-Day ("Boats, yeah, we'll need boats...) Any worthwhile ideas or suggestions from the Blogosphere would be appreciated.

Having consulted with your spousal unit and learning that this trip will become a reality, I have made a quick search of some possible activities. See for links to various activities and events in Australia and Tasmania. Aside from the Sydney Boat Show, held at the end of July, I recommend you consider going to the camel races or to the Darwin Beer Can Regatta. (Bet you can figure out this anonymous poster's identity given the nautical references).
Adding to yesterday's comment, I would suggest you visit, "arguably Australia's most idosyncratic guitar band."
More potential travel information re New Zealand-- see to learn about the ongoing filming of the movie in Wellington and elesewhere. Junkets to the film locations are becoming very popular. CLick through the website to locate the production diary.
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