Monday, December 27, 2004


I thought the angels said PEACE on earth!

Chris Birket of Scottsdale, Arizona is a moron.

Birket has created a "Winter Wonderland," a blazing filigree of up to 150,000 lights forming Santas, reindeer, "Nutcracker" characters, snowflakes, stars and American flags, under puffs of soap bubbles and sprays of artificial snow in his modest suburban yard. With it comes blaring Disney music and narration that echoes up and down his quiet residential block: "Do you believe in magic? Look to the sky and make a wish. Star light, star bright, I wish I may, I wish I might."

Mr. Birket has become a Christmas cause among the wingnuts because he has been charged by his neighbor with malicious noise-making.
He has been portrayed as a poor Christian persecuted by the anti-religious secular society.
What he actually is, is an exhibitionistic nutcase. Take a look at his web-site: This has nothing to do with "Peace on Earth" or the birth of the Baby Jesus. This has more to do with "Look at me" than "Praise the Lord". Mr. Birket has more in common with Janet Jackson than Mother Teresa.

If you have any doubts, check out Birket's plans for next year:
"300,000 lights with a backyard show as well, "Journey to the Caribbean," mixing "Pirates of the Caribbean" and "Gilligan's Island." Now he said he's thinking no. "Too much hype."
But, then again, he left the door open. "Never say never," he said."

And Janet would be back at the Super Bowl, if they let her.

Birkitt may well be a Christian cause but buried in the article is a note that his wife and 15 month old child FLED to Wyoming for the holidays. So much for Christmas spirit and cherished family memories. -DP
Would you want to live in a house with 150,000 lights and blaring Disney music?
But he would say he's doing this for the I think he thinks the answer is YES.
Whenever someone is doing something that the great majority of people would find objectionable, he is doing it for the kids...
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