Friday, December 17, 2004


What new hell is this....

Baltimore (like any big city) is a dangerous place in which to walk around. You got your muggers, rapists, murderers, and bad things in general. One generally doesn't worry too much about random electrocution. But we've now reached a new low.,1,1812062.story?coll=bal-home-headlines
I wonder if the Romans knew it was getting near the end when pieces of aqueducts started falling and hitting people on the head...

This is a story that first surfaced in New York-- and I believe it may have been a human who was electrocuted, although it could have been a pet who was treated like a human. This story serves as a reminder for me to watch my step as I travel to Ny with my own round table this weekend. --DP (the not so anonymous poster).
Look out for Bernie Kerik while you're there. He has been known to stalk and harrass women.
Ironically, the travelling Roundtable drove through Battery Park and the Ground Zero neighborhood on its way home from the NY weekend. We passed "Liberty Towers" the site of Kerick's trysts but refrained from making too many comments due to the fact that one of the younger members was interviewing DP and husband about the missing twin towers. This was later followed by an extensive interview about the Bluejay's missing gallbladder and other health topics. --DP
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