Saturday, December 11, 2004


Why do rich people employ illegal nannies?

Bernard Kerik withdrew as the nominee for Secretary for Homeland Security when he "suddenly" discovered that he had employed an illegal alien nanny and had not been paying the proper taxes Of course Linda Chavez (newspaper columnist/perennial Republican candidate), Zoe Baird (big deal lawyer/Democrat), Kimba Wood (Democrat/Federal judge!), and Lani Guinier (law professor/Democrat) had similar problems.
Why do these rich bastards skimp on such a trivial matter? I can understand the average middle-class Joe who doesn't issue a 1099 or pay social security withholding on the day-care lady or the grass cutter. Middle-class Joe is probably filling out his own tax return or at most using Turbotax or other software. But why do rich people who have accountants, tax attorneys, or both cut this particular corner?

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