Friday, January 21, 2005


Brain Food

A piece of sheep's brain from an anatomy class at a high school near Binghamton, New York, was taken out of the class and put in some salad dressing in the school cafeteria, according to officials. Police are investigating Wednesday's food-tampering incident at Vestal High School. School officials said a student found the piece of brain at the bottom of a container of dressing at the salad bar. Students used some of the dressing before the material was discovered, but officials say there's no evidence anyone ate any of the preserved brain matter, and no one has reported getting sick.

Parents were sent a letter informing them about the incident. Health department officials say there wasn't enough preservative in the brain matter to cause health problems.

But was there enough preservative to prevent health problems from decay? Ahh, there's the rub, getting just enough preservative to prevent decay but not enough to cause health problems.

Sounds to me as thogh the kids were trying to serve up some sweetbread-- the cafeteria ought to take a hint.
I was wondering if there were more preservatives in the salad dressing than the sheep's brain.
Using my Bearcat wiles, I would refer you to There is information about the preservatives and a number to call to talk to a nurse.--now that you are bonded with the health professions.
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