Sunday, January 16, 2005


Everyone seems to be doing this: 10 Random Songs from mp-3 Player

  1. Sail Away--Randy Newman
  2. Baba O'Reilly--The Who
  3. Time Has Come Today--Chambers Brothers
  4. Take This Job and Shove It--Johnny Paycheck
  5. That Thing You Do--New Found Glory
  6. I Fought the Law--Clash
  7. Knock on Wood--Wilson Pickett
  8. Mission Impossible--Moby
  9. Bittersweet Symphony--Verve
  10. 6 Days on the Road--Gram Parsons & Fallen Angels

All I can say, is that I'm depressingly OLD.

But one day songs by the Killers, Ashlee Simpson, and UGK ("Chopped and Screwed will make some others feel old as they watch their tattoos and piercings shrivel, shrink, and stretch.
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