Thursday, January 06, 2005



Loyalty to one's employer, one's family, one's friends is an admirable and important trait. But in terms of the present administration it is a scary proposition. This morning's Boston Globe highlights the career and credentials of one such loyalist-- Alberto Gonzales, who worked hard, rose from poverty, graduated from Harvard and cashed in all his "credibility" to become a part of the Bush machine.

Few people expect that Gonzales will not succeed John Ashcroft as Attorney General, but today's hearing will most likely focus on some Gonzales career highlights:

. As counsel to then Gov. Bush, he argued Bush could not serve jury duty because he might have to decide a future clemency issue-- more importantly, he would have had to disclose his 1976 DWI conviction;

. As counsel to Gov. Bush, he briefed the Gov. about clemency petitions, concentrating on the gruesome details of each crime and not on significant legal issues such as attorney incompetence or evidence of innocence-- Bush executed a record 152 inmates, granting only 1 clemency;

.Gonzales accepted "staggering" amounts of campaign contributions from litigants having cases before him as a member of the Texas Supreme Court, even taking a donation between hearing an oral argument and voting on a decision;

.Gonzales was responsible for commissioning the post 9-11 memoranda declaring the Geneva Conventions would not apply to the current "war on terrorism" and he vetted Bernard Kerick.

At least it does not appear that Gonzales is a songwriter like his predecessor, although Americans will hear "Let the Eagles Soar" as part of the upcoming inaugural events.

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