Wednesday, January 05, 2005



I have been following the Bluejay's recent posts about red state empowerment and the rise of fundamentalists in this country. And I got to thinking about our perceptions of these folks-- for example, the products they buy-- anything from Wal-Mart, or what sports they watch--Nascar...Anyway, I discovered an organization called Choose the Blue, which compiled a list of Red and Blue corporate spending. Some of the results are surprising.

Fox news and its affiliates contributed more $ to Dems than to Reps. but CNBC contributed more to Rep.

Target contributed more to Rep. than Dem. but before you panic, Target's $229,000 is nothing compared to Wal-Mart's donations which surpassed $1 million to Reps.

Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Amazon and surprisingly, Costco, are all solid Dem supporters, while JCPenney, Home Depot, and the May Company (Hecht's, Lord and Taylor stores) all squarely supported Reps.

Not surprisingly, the pharmaceutical companies supported the Reps., with the exception of Eli Lily which decisively gave 50 percent of its contributions to Dems.

The imports all went Dem as well-- Bailey's, Cuervo, Guinness while the home brews-- Coors, Bud, are red.

And it appears the Coke (Dem.) Pepsi (Rep.) distinction is a myth since both companies went red this year.

"If each American who voted Blue spends $100 in 2005 on products of a corporation ...that supported Blue over Red, 5 Billion dollars in revenues would be shifted to Blue supporting corporations."

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