Friday, April 29, 2005


Maybe he left his hair at home...

Gary Handleman, JHU '72, is featured in a Kid's Post Article today in the Washington Post. Gary is the senior vice-president of facilities for the MCI Center (home of the Wizards & once and future home of the Capitols). For old geezers like me he's remembered as a stand-out middie and has the distinction of being, as far as I know, the only JHU player drafted by a pro basketball team. He was drafted by the Baltimore Bullets (in round 15). Note: to our younger readers, there used to be a lot more rounds to the draft, and the Washington Wizards used to be the Baltimore Bullets). Somehow Julius Erving and Bob McAdoo managed to get drafted before him. The only disturbing thing about the article in the print version is Gary's picture. He appears to be bald. He can't be that old. It must have been some kind of radiation accident. I can remember his full head of hair, just yesterday. Or maybe it was 1972...

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