Monday, April 25, 2005



I (and some of my readers) have actually worked in a bookstore(s).

Unfortunately I missed the premiere of "Stacked" last Wednesday. It was TV Turn-off Week at my son's school and out of solidarity with his vow to refrain from TV(successful I might add), Frau Bluejay & I didn't watch any (much) television.

The premise of "Stacked" (as I understand it) is that Pamela Anderson is employed as a book clerk at a family run bookstore. I believe this to be a gritty docudrama uncovering a typical bookstore employee and her typical workday. Fox provides the following synopsis of episode two: "Skyler arrives on time for her first day of work hung-over and scantily clad..." FOX Broadcasting Company: STACKED

God! How it all comes back to me now! Scantily clad bimboes arriving at work hung-over, nymphs bending over shelving books, bacchanalia in the returns & receiving area...its like it was yesterday. I just can't wait to watch.

On a more serious note, the Fox website proudly boasts that all books on the shelve are actual books published by Harper Collins (and proud we are of them) that are currently listed "high on the New York Times bestseller's list". Of course, in real life, we know that bookstores carry books by more than one publishing house. The realism of "Stacked" has been compromised in the interest of product placement!
How can an artist like Pam sell out?

Well, they got the arriving at work hung-over just right. As I recall a majority of employees were either hung-over or just plain drunk when they got to work and no wonder. How else to cope with a job that attracts the dissaffected underachiever and pays you less than a grad school stipend. It's making me slightly queasy to think of the folks I worked with scantily clad though. Hey maybe Pam is onto something. It's just what failing small bookstores need. Bookclerks with giant breasts.
You didn't comment on the Harper-Collins product placement. I always suspected you were the lost Collins heiress. Product placement helps the old dividend checks, no doubt!
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