Monday, April 25, 2005


This Would Make a Good Hitchcockesque Thriller

Courtesy of Majikthise: "A truly bizarre saga, permalinked for your delectation. Woman steals across Atlantic for a clandestine facelift, only to meet a tragic end in the office of a socialite surgeon with 33 previous malpractice suits and no hospital privileges..

The Irish Patient and Dr. Lawsuit [NYT permalink]

WHEN Liam Cregan got a call from the Irish Consulate in New York on March 15, telling him that his wife, Kathleen Kelly Cregan, was in critical condition at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital, he thought it had to be a mistake, that someone had stolen her passport.

Mrs. Cregan had left her home in rural Ireland two days before, telling her husband, a farmer and part-time plumber, that she would be attending a business course in Dublin.

In fact she had flown to the United States to have a face-lift performed by Dr. Michael E. Sachs in his offices on Central Park South. Hours after surgery she went into cardiac arrest and was rushed to the hospital.

There, on March 17, with her husband and two sisters at her side, Mrs. Cregan, 42 and the mother of two young sons, was taken off life support and died. Her death is under investigation by the New York State Health Department. An autopsy was inconclusive, and the New York City medical examiner is awaiting toxicology reports that might explain what went wrong.

But from the time of her death her family had a simpler question: How did a farmer's wife from outside Limerick meet her end in such an improbable place? [...]"

Read this one yesterday, too-- after the weddings and the story about the woman who married her gay roommate so he could receive a green card-- only to find out that they fought about money "like any married couple." This story is a shame-- this woman was so desparate for this surgery that she met the doctor at a golf course in Ireland to give him $15,000 cash for her face lift-- the discount he gave her in exchange for this quick payment plan (and who knows what else, although that was not specified).
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