Thursday, June 09, 2005


Can you imagine how deadly USED kitty litter might be?

Is Cat Litter Really Radioactive? - And how do we detect nuclear materials at the border? :
Last Friday, the Department of Homeland Security announced that the nation's busiest seaports will have enough radiation detectors to screen every cargo container that comes through. But congressional critics say expensive 'Radiation Portal Monitors' can't tell the difference between highly enriched uranium and cat litter. Is cat litter really radioactive?
Yes, the clay in cat litter does give off radiation in very small quantities. There is naturally occurring radiation all around us; the radiation in cat litter comes from trace amounts of uranium, thorium, and potassium-40. Many other consumer products are also radioactive. Among these are some ceramic tiles (which can contain uranium), glossy magazines (which are sometimes coated with material that's high in uranium and thorium), and Brazil nuts (which have a fair amount of radium).

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